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Healing & Growth with Horses

Healing & Growth with Horses

From Kay Alexander, Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Founder of Pegasus Equine Therapy

Horses capture our hearts and inspire us to freedom, adventure, healing, and friendship.


For many years, I provided counseling to people in a traditional office setting, utilizing standard "talk therapy.” When I first heard about horses being used in therapy and recovery, I was skeptical but intrigued. Little did I know the kinds of results I would soon witness.

Our Programs

All programs currently paused.

People of all ages and different challenges in their lives come through our gates at Pegasus Equine Therapy to find solutions and healing through Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP).


Our family-run ranch in Montrose County uses the EAGALA model of horse therapy, which involves a licensed mental health therapist, an equine specialist, and a horse or other animal to provide a unique and powerful experience for participants.

Individual and group therapy for

healing and growth

Children and youth

overcoming trauma

Family and divorce


Veterans and

First Responders

Youth growing

into adulthood


A Season of Change at Pegasus

In Reflection

As we welcome the new year, I find myself reflecting on the changes we have had to make this past year in our lives and at Pegasus Equine Therapy.  Throughout the year, schedules were changed and some of our time together had to be cancelled entirely. This saddens me as I have come to care deeply for those who looked to Pegasus for a path to healing and a better life.  


For me it was a year of major personal challenges as well. I have had to rethink how Pegasus Equine Therapy will continue to serve the community I love while I can still be available to my family and friends who are dear to me.


Early in 2021, I made the decision to put mental health services at Pegasus Equine Therapy “on pause” to take time to explore how a changing society, including the pandemic and other factors, will impact people (children, youth, families, seniors) and, subsequently, what their needs will be in order for them to lead healthy and productive lives.


Moving Forward

I am looking at a variety of programs and opportunities that Pegasus could offer individuals, businesses, and organizations that can help them navigate the challenges of our times. The next month or two, I will be doing some strategic planning on where Pegasus needs to go from here and will be sharing these plans with you here on Pegasus’ website.  

- Kay Alexander

Meet the Horses


Meet Kay Alexander

Kay Alexander

Owner of Pegasus Equine Therapy, Kay Alexander, lives with her husband, Ben, on their Alexander Ranch in Southwestern Colorado. Kay holds a Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Wisconsin. She is a Colorado Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Certified Level II EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association) provider. Kay is a former Colorado State Representative from House District 58 which included six counties in Western Colorado.

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Pegasus is not presently accepting therapy service requests or questions

while we conduct our revitalization planning.

If you have ideas to share on our future work,

they are most welcome and can be submitted below. 

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